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Eastwood Classic 4

  • 30 1/2" scale length
  • Maple rosewood w/ maple neck
  • Setin neck construction
  • EW-Retro Humbuckers Pickups

Il marchio

Eastwood Guitars is a Canadian company founded by Michael Robinson which primarily manufactures vintage-style electric guitars. It has no connection with Brian Eastwood Guitars, a respected British guitar maker since the 1970s.

The company was established in 2001 with the intent of manufacturing replicas of rare vintage electric guitars. The company's production philosophy is to create guitars which not only evoke classic looks and vintage sounds, but that are to be sold at a price point where they are meant to be played and not simply collected.[citation needed] Much of the company's focus is on building reproductions of famous discontinued electric guitar models such as the Valco Airline, and the Supro Coronado.

As of summer 2012, Eastwood Guitars produced around 60 guitar models, many of which having been well received by players and reviews.[1] The company also produces bass guitars which are either reproductions of classic bass guitar designs or adopted from current Eastwood guitar designs, as well as exotic variants such as electric mandolins, ukuleles and lap steel guitars.

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